Tracy Blom grew up in Cincinnati Ohio, and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two rescue dogs. 
As a young child, she started writing in a dream journal. She dreamt up entire stories, stapled them together, and created her first stories. Since those early years, every book she has written has arrived in a dream, including places, character names, and lessons to be shared. 

Over the years she has come to accept the power of her dreams. She made the decision to sort through the piles of journals and bring her stories to life. To date, she has published thirteen books. Most carry a common theme — love who you are, be kind to others, and do what you can to help the world. All of her children's books feature whimsical characters including fairies, spirit animals, children named after constellations, and Egyptian Pharaohs with magical cats. 

In her spare time she also runs a children's book club, where she reviews a new author every week! All books from the review are donated to Project Night Night and Drawing Dreams Foundation

FLOTUS responding to my book One Big Bully

FLOTUS responding to my book One Big Bully

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Fun at the Tampa Zoo

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